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Atlas of Namibia: its land, water and life

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"If you want to obtain a broad understanding of Namibia and what makes it tick, this new Atlas is the book for you. It is an outstanding and comprehensive compendium about the country that offers a collection of maps, charts and images that illustrate aspects of aridity to zebras in Zambezi; annual averages and long- and short-term variations; and contrasts and convergences. Fresh and interesting topics are tackled, including our historical heritage and the meaning of place names, indigenous plant producs and wildlife migrations, and our happiness. Critically, attention has also been given to Namibia's marine environment, livelihoods and land, species diversity and habitat loss, resource economics and management human-wildlife conflict, and climate change, and much more."

Roy Miller, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Namibia Nature Foundation

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The book: authors & team, foreword, preface, acknowledgements, imprint & prelim pages

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Landforms and Geology

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Namibia in Detail

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