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A great many people and organisations helped to produce this atlas. Particular thanks go to Klemens Riha and the staff at GIZ, whose confidence in the project ensured its continued funding. Angus Middleton and staff of the NNF are also especially thanked for their sustained support; Mirja Stoldt helped track down many sources of information, while Ulrica Abrahams, Jolene Both, Christa Katjiruru, Edla Kaveru and Bia Kotze supported the financial administration of the project.

The rich collection of photographs in the atlas was largely sourced and documented by Gina Figueira and Helen Harris. Hanspeter Baumeler, Peter Oliver Lambrecht, Frank Weitzer, the Gondwana Collection and the families of the late Paul van Schalkwyk and late Tony Figueira generously provided the free use of their collections of photographs. Jana Annandale produced several illustrations for the atlas.

Invaluable help in various forms was provided by Gina Caspar, Lauren Davidson, Rina Hough, Loise Iyambo, Jessica Saunders, Marina Tavolaro, Zander Venter and Ina Wilkie. Other help came in a variety of ways from Hilma Amutenya, Ben Begbie-Clench, Percy Chimwamurombe, Roger Collinson, Najjuuko Damalie, Christine de Klerk, Geraldine Diergaardt, Pierre Dietrich, Albert Engel, Monica Eiman, Simeon Elago, Annagret Engel, Ezequiel Fabiano, Anna-Maria Fehn, Julian Fennessy, Johann Groenewald, Wilfrid Haacke, Eliakim Hamunyela, Luise Hoffmann, Francois Jacobs, Jacob (JJ) Jurgen, Jekura Kavari, Jurgen Kempf, Freya Lund, Chavoux Luyt, Coleen Mannheimer, Petrus Mbenzi, Jörg Melzheimer, Roy Miller, Andre Mostert, Edward Muhoko, Robert Munganda, Sydney Muyaukwa, Lovisa Nangombe, Erica Ndalikokule, Nevel Ngahahe-Hangero, Eino Ngesheya, Hilma Nghiyalwa, Karen Nott, Raymond Peters, Jorge Rocha, Andrea Santangeli, Ndeitunga Shatona, Robin Sherbourne, Spaggs Spaggiari, Andy Tatem, Denis Tweddle, Piers Vigne, Gunther von Schumann, Dave Ward and Ingrid Wiesel. In addition, the following organisations are thanked: Bicon Namibia; Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform; Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism; Ministry of Mines and Energy; Namibia Agricultural Union; Namibia Statistics Agency; NamWater; National Botanical Research Institute; National Heritage Council; and Tracks4Africa.